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Welcome to the website of Pulitzer prize winning author


Alison Lurie

"One of this country's most able and witty novelists."
The New York Times Book Review

"One can read Lurie as one might read Jane Austen,
with continual delight"

Joyce Carol Oates


An excerpt from the novel "The Last Resort"

 At three A.M. on a windy late-November night, Jenny Walker woke in her historic house in an historic New England town, and sensed from the slope of the mattress and the chill of the flowered percale sheets that Wilkie Walker, the world-famous writer and naturalist, was not in bed beside her.
 Often now Jenny woke to this absence. The first time, after lying half awake for twenty minutes, she tiptoed downstairs and found her husband sitting in the kitchen with a mug of tea. Wilkie smiled briefly and replied to her questions that of course he was all right, that everything was all right. "Go back to bed, darling," he told her, and Jenny followed his instructions, just as she had done for a quarter century.

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